Hi, my name is Alex van Poppelen. This is my digital space, where I write about things that interest me.

I’m a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Google. I work on the software bits of Google’s network infrastructure, which try their hardest to minimize user latency. This means I do a bit of DNS, a bit of SDN, and a lot of data and configuration pipelines.

Before Google, I completed an M.Sc. in Computer Science where I wrote my thesis on the intersection of coding theory and lattice cryptography, followed by a short stint in the security and identity management industry. One day I’d like to get back to the security industry, but I’m enjoying being an SRE for now.

In my spare time I eat a lot of oats, stay active and enjoy being outdoors.

I’m always open to talking to interesting people, so get in touch: avanpoppelen@gmail.com.