Last updated October 2020.

I still live in London, UK, and work as a Site Reliability Engineer at Google. I expect I’ll be here for another few years at least.

Recently I walked the Cape Wrath Trail in the Scottish Highlands, which was a fantastic experience.

Here’s what I’m interested in at the moment:

  • Doing more CTFs. I’ve dabbled before, but I’d like to get more experience and possibly join a team.
  • Writing more to get better at writing, but also to explore subjects more deeply.
  • Long distance running. I want to do a marathon soon, and would like to run one in under 3 hours at some point.
  • Combining exercise and nature.

Some of these have been made more difficult by the pandemic, but we do what we can.

I’m always up for talking to interesting people, so get in touch:

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